Gabriel Bianconi : Wii Nunchuk Mouse

The Wii Nunchuk Mouse is a motion-controlled computer mouse built with a Wii Nunchuk and an Arduino board. It was featured in MAKE Magazine (Volume 33, Jan 2013).

I wrote in my last post that my first Arduino project was a library that interfaces the Wii Nunchuk. But it was just the means to an end.

My first real project was transforming a Wii Nunchuk into a motion-controlled computer mouse.

In short, the controller talks to the Arduino board; the Arduino board writes to the computer’s serial port; the serial port data is read by a Python script; and this script emulates a computer mouse.

The project was selected for publication in MAKE Magazine (vol. 33, jan. 2013), where I explain how to build it step-by-step. I’m not allowed to publish my article here, but fortunately they’ve published it online. Check the Wii Nunchuk Mouse on MAKE’s website.