Gabriel Bianconi : PLUGB

PLUGB was a Flash games website with custom script (PHP, Kohana, MySQL) allowing fast addition of new games. It reached 1,442 daily visitors and was eventually sold.

When I started programming, I focused on developing Flash games. However, I’d always wanted to create a popular website. Three years and a few games later, I finally put game development aside and started learning PHP.

But I didn’t abandon the Flash games industry; instead, I coded my own flash games website using PHP, MySQL, and the Kohana framework.

Despite how stupid it sounds now, seemed like a short, catchy domain name. I later regretfully learned I was completely mistaken.

Nevertheless, the website gained some popularity. Most of its traffic came from search engines. I’d spent a good time optimizing for high-volume keywords with minimal competition such as “flash games index” and “index of flash games” (these two alone received ~50k monthly searches).


The website per se was quite efficient. After some experimentation, I achieved a 25% bounce rate; nearly 90% of those who visited the homepage went on to play a game.

A year later, I got tired of managing the website. Instead of coding – what I loved to do -, I spent most my time promoting it, adding new games, and selling ads. I decided to put it up for sale; not long after, it was acquired by Italos Media.

It was my last project in the flash games industry.