Gabriel Bianconi : Google Grants

Google has an amazing initiative that most nonprofits haven’t heard of. These organizations can apply for a Google Grant – $10,000 in monthly advertising credit through AdWords – to spread their cause.

In the past years, alongside my projects in game and web development, I’ve also become interested in marketing. I came to know about this program while I was researching about the subject in late 2011. When I found out about it, I decided to leverage my interests in technology and marketing to try to help a nonprofit.

I helped Books for Brazil, an organization that donates books to underprivileged Brazilian children, obtain a Google Grant and create an online marketing campaign. Unfortunately, Google Grants has a few limitations, such as a maximum CPC of $2 (at that time, it was $1), which reduce the keywords that are available and make exposure harder. It is hard to take full advantage of the credit, which expires at the end of each month.

Nevertheless, the campaign drove thousands of visitors to the organization’s website. Meanwhile, this experience proved highly meaningful to me, for I managed to learn while helping my community.