Gabriel Bianconi : Flash Games

It all started when I was 13. I was fascinated by how video games worked and promised myself I’d do my best to create my own.

My first game was a Flash-based Pong clone. I knew it sucked, but I was so excited I’d actually created a working game that I decided to upload it to a game website. Over the next few days, it was played about 100 times – honestly, more than I’d expected.

But I wasn’t satisfied. It kept on learning and creating games; it had become a passion. Their quality gradually increased, and so did their popularity. 1000 views. 50k views. 500k views.

Some games even got sponsored by popular game websites and I was asked to do a few freelance jobs. I was getting paid to do something I really enjoyed!

Sokobones (initially, a failed freelance gig) is my most successful game. To my surprise, it has been played by more than 3 million people. Two years before, while I was coding that Pong clone, I’d never have imagined reaching that far.

Not long after publishing Sokobones I drifted away from Flash to start working with websites. Creating Flash games was my first step into the world of programming.

The most valued thing I took from this journey isn’t the money I earned. Nor the coding skills (though these are very useful). It served as an inspiration. My hard work had paid off. By following my passion, I achieved success.