Gabriel Bianconi : Currency.VC

Currency.VC is a currency exchange simulator (built with Python, Django, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, and Bootstrap) featuring real-time quote updates for 23 currencies.

When I came home from college for winter break, I was aching to start a side-project. I hadn’t launched anything in a while and knew that had to change. 

I gave myself one week to code, design, and launch something. The time constraint made me realize I had to work only on what was essential. Because I had to prioritize so much, I feared I’d end up with a useless product. But I didn’t.

There are still a few features I want to implement, but Currency.VC has everything it needs for basic functionality. The resulting product was simple and intuitive.

Over the next weeks I’ll work on implementing new features and polishing the final product. But its core values –  simplicity and intuitiveness – will remain.