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Cryptocurrency Resources

Cryptocurrency Resources

Summary: A curated list of resources related to cryptocurrencies.
Last Updated: July 2017


Blockchain 101 - A Visual Demo [video]
Anders Brownworth (Chief Evangelist, Circle)

Visions, Part 1: The Value of Blockchain Technology
Vitalik Buterin (Creator, Ethereum)

Cryptoeconomics & Cryptopolitics

How Digital Currency Will Change The World
Brian Armstrong (Co-Founder & CEO, Coinbase)

Controlling Your Own Wealth as a Basic Human Right
Brian Armstrong (Co-Founder & CEO, Coinbase)

Building The Bridge: Why Compliance Is Key To Digital Currency’s Success
Brian Armstrong (Co-Founder & CEO, Coinbase)

Why Tokens are Eating the World
Vinny Lingham (Co-Founder & CEO,

On Long-Term Cryptocurrency Distribution Models
Vitalik Buterin (Creator, Ethereum)

Thoughts on Tokens
Balaji Srinivasan (Partner, Andreessen Horowitz)

Fat Protocols
Joel Monegro (Analyst, Union Square Ventures)

Crypto Tokens and the Coming Age of Protocol Innovation
Albert Wenger (Partner, Union Square Ventures)

The Bitcoin Model for Crowdfunding
Naval Ravikant (Founder & CEO, AngelList)

Speculative Bitcoin Adoption/Price Theory
Michael B. Casey

Losing Alpha: Why Most New Crypto Funds Are a Sh*t Deal
Ryan Selkis (Director, Digital Currency Group & CoinDesk)

Cryptoasset Valuations
Chris Burniske (Partner, Placeholder VC)

Understanding Token Velocity Kyle Samani (Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital)

Eight Things Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts Probably Won’t Tell You
Tim Swanson (Founder & Director of Research, Post Oak Labs)

How the Behavior of Token “Hodlers” May Create Volatility
Primoz Kordez (Advisor, ICONOMI)

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

What is an ICO? [pdf]

WTF is an ICO?

The Market in Initial Coin Offerings Risks Becoming a Bubble

How Ethereum Became the Platform of Choice for ICO’d Digital Assets

Token Mania
Autonomous NEXT

Analyzing Token Sale Models
Vitalik Buterin (Creator, Ethereum)

Buyer Beware
Fred Wilson (Partner, Union Square Ventures)

The Strange Case of ICO Returns

Death of the ICO?

Investor Bulletin: Initial Coin Offerings
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

DAO Tokens, a Digital Asset, Were Securities
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

SEC Releases Investigative Report and Investor Bulletin
Perkins Coie

Ethereum (ETH)

What is Ethereum?
Coin Telegraph

A Beginner’s Guide to Ethereum
Linda Xie (Product Manager, Coinbase)

Ethereum is the Forefront of Digital Currency
Fred Ehrsam (Co-Founder, Coinbase)

Introduction to Ethereum: The Internet’s Government
Karl Floersch (Engineer, ConsenSys)

Why Ethereum Is Outpacing Bitcoin
Jack Du Rose (Co-Founder, Colony)

Scaling Ethereum to Billions of Users
Fred Ehrsam (Co-Founder, Coinbase)

An (Eth)ical Dilemma: Is the Bubble about to Pop?
Matt Prusak

Bitcoin (BTC)

How I Missed the Point of Bitcoin
American Banker

Bancor (BNT)

Bancor is Flawed
Emir Gün Sirer (Professor, Cornell)

This Analysis of Bancor is Flawed
Eyal Hertzog (Co-Founder, Bancor)

Bancor Unchained: All Your Token Are Belong To Us
Udi Wertheimer (Blockchain Research Lead, Colu)

Response to “Bancor Unchained”
Eyal Hertzog (Co-Founder, Bancor)

Monero (XMR)

A Multilingual Primer on Monero (XMR)

Monero, the Drug Dealer’s Cryptocurrency of Choice, Is on Fire

Disclaimer: The author is personally invested in a number of cryptotokens, and does not necessarily endorse any of the projects and resources listed below.